Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability is an employee-paid benefit program that provides you with income to supplement the income you are unable to make as a result of an illness or injury.  This kind of disability comes into play when you are unable to perform your normal job, or any job for that matter, for a period of 6 months or longer.

Long Term Disability, Bander & Bander, Concord, MA

There are a few different ways in which your long term disability benefits can be paid to you, each with different implications:

  • Employer Fully Paid Plan
  • Employee Fully Paid Plan
  • Shared Cost Plan

Long term disability benefits can usually provide the recipient with a percentage of their typically expected salary, usually between 50 and 75 percent.  There are some long term disability plans that pay from 5 to 10 years worth of benefits, while other long term disability plans can pay until the age of retirement.  The long term disability benefits that a person receives are based on rate schedule.

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